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Katie Pennington Named Director of Clinical Operations

Friday, February 19th, 2021/LIVINGSTON, Tenn. — Encore Healthcare announced Katie Pennington, RRT as director of clinical operations for the company. Pennington has served as Encore's clinical implementation specialist over the last year and has established an outstanding reputation with Encore customers for clinical and operational excellence. "Katie's dedication to the success of Encore and more importantly, to the success of the patients we serve, is inspiring to our customers and staff," said Carrie Hylton, RRT, VP of clinical operations for Encore. "We are excited to have Katie on our team and see her grow as a respiratory therapist and as a leader." Encore is positioned for rapid growth in 2021–2022 with the launch of the newest versions of Nexus software designed for Ventilator patients and clinical tracking of oxygen patients. In addition to the development of a state-of-the-art respiratory call center to assist in the management of chronic respiratory patients for its customers.


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