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HME Outcomes

See What Our HME Partners are Saying


"Nexus is a game changer! I have been a respiratory therapist working in the DME industry for nearly 29 years. Prior to working with the Nexus Disease Management Program, I was managing the ventilator instead of, most importantly, managing my patients. Nexus has provided my team of respiratory therapists with a clinically-oriented and outcome-focused platform that creates long-term patient engagement, improves patient care, and reduces hospitalizations. The Nexus Program allows our team to oversee maintenance protocols, clinical risk assessments, and individualized Plan of Care protocols. Nexus leads to better patient outcomes, more physician referrals, and allows respiratory therapists to be respiratory therapists!"

Craig Coleman

Clinical Vent. Manager


"I am very excited about Encore's Nexus platform. The tools and methodology allow providers to help proactively manage a patient's care and have shown the ability to help providers change the nature of their relationships with referral sources and payers alike."

Nick Knowlton

VP of Strategic Initiatives

"Outcomes are the future of the homecare industry, the Nexus software has helped make this a reality for us now. Physicians love how Nexus complements their patient management, they’ve said ‘Why would we use anyone else’?"

Mike Loftis

Regional Senior Vice President

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"Knowing every person's healthcare journey is different, Nexus empowers providers to manage their respiratory patients, creating long-term engagement and improved outcomes."

Clint Geffert

Former President
VGM & Associates

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"We have used other platforms before but nothing compares to the outcomes, analytic insights, and growth we have been able to achieve with Nexus platform."

Gregory Duckworth

Senior Vice President

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​"Medsouth has demonstrated it can provide an advanced clinical level of care and coordinate hospital & physician objectives because of the Nexus platform. The clinical assessments have dramatically increased our effectiveness by customizing the visits, and our respiratory clinical staff have excelled at meeting their patients' plan of care goals."

Jon Coy, RRT

Area Vice President

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"Nexus helps build a care plan uniquely to each patient because every patient is different. No other system out there does what Nexus can."

Dave Lyman, BA, RRT-SDS

Vice President of Sales
VGM & Associates

Buckeye Home Medical.jpeg

"It would be a disservice to our customers to not use the Nexus Software."

Paula Allred

Buckeye Home Medical

"Encore is the Nexus Between Respiratory Therapists and Outcomes.”

HME News

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"I think Nexus is a game changer in discharge planning and preparation. It gives an additional level of security knowing your patient will have ongoing education and professional assessments following discharge. Patients are being discharged home sooner with a higher level of acuity and with larger needs. Education is vital to overall patient rehabilitation and wellness. Nexus provides a valuable resource and helps prevent hospital readmissions by supporting the patient in their environment. They step in when it matters most."

Devan Fox, APRN
StatCare Pulmonary Group

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