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We Manage Patient Outcomes (not just equipment)

TeleRespiratory is the delivery of respiratory therapy using telecommunications technologies without a respiratory therapist physically present at the point of care. Our Respiratory Navigators create an exceptional experience that helps patients manage their respiratory care, from the comfort of their own home.

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Drive better clinical outcomes & grow your advanced therapies business from your existing oxygen base

Remote PAP setup & compliance management

Remote ventilator compliance & outcomes management that
separates you from the competition

Go beyond the setup... HFCWO + outcomes management

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TeleRespiratory Center stays
connected to patients &
receives early detection of
changes in symptom severity.

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Enable earlier identification of
need for advanced therapies
(i.e. medications, ventilation,

Improve patient follow-up visits,
while documenting in-home
issues & decreasing
hospital admissions

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How It Works

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  Oxygen patients assigned a qualified Respiratory Navigator

●  Patients managed in Nexus Home Respiratory Software

●  Improves your overall patient outcomes

●  Real time patient reporting

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Short on RT staffing? Have a PAP setup wait list?

Our respiratory therapist-led TeleRespiratory Services team engages with your PAP patients for you. You can reduce patients' wait time and convert your setup backlog into recognized revenue more quickly!

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Any Manufacturer

Trained Staff

Increase Revenue

Doctor/Patient Satisfaction

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We make ventilator compliance & outcomes management seamless and creates a value-based solution that delivers exceptional care to patients, allowing your clinical team to focus on your most complex patients.

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An off-the-shelf, easily implementable ventilator & clinical outcomes management program
Our TeleRespiratory team provides comprehensive patient management to your patients via our Nexus platform
One monthly per patient fee covers both vent. monitoring & patient-focused outcomes management
Frees up your existing clinical team's time to focus on new patient starts & truly emergent needs

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