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Respiratory Population Health

Over 50,000 patients & 400,000 assessments, millions of data points = exclusive insight

Encore Healthcare has a proven track record of delivering outstanding patient outcomes AND cost savings for health plans. Our respiratory-focused population health programs have delivered hospitalization and ED utilization reductions in the range of 30-60%, creating an ROI of more than 200% for our Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and MCO partners. The home-based, Respiratory Therapist driven, Nexus Program uses innovative performance-focused protocols. Our multidisciplinary care team uses patient engagement techniques like Dynamic Dialogue™, which incorporates physician and care team involvement, including medication management. Members diagnosed with COPD and other respiratory conditions have high acute care utilization and fall into a provider gap that does not focus on respiratory population health.

Current COPD Cost:

  • 15% of patients account
    for 70% of spending

    $242.8M in 2019


  • Utilization/spending growing 20% per year

  • Nexus program savings @ 30% (current @ 55%) saves $72.6M

Mockup 9.png

Reducing Admissions

via Home Respiratory Protocols

Encore's Nexus Program Drives

Higher Level Clinical Outcomes:


reduction in hospitalizations in population with 63% GOLD

grouped as very severe


reduction in ED visits; 95% of

members onboarded had first

home visit in less than 25 days


members meeting GOLD standards for medication management & symptom improvement/stability


members achieving goals:

● Plan of Care

● Access to Care

● Quality of Life/Social

● Quality/HEDIS Metrics

Advantages for Health Plans:


Reduction in annual cost of care 


Increased revenue due to optimization of health plan quality metrics

Improved member satisfaction & clinical outcomes

Performance based

PMPM ROI as much as 344%


Reduce utilization via

home-focused respiratory care


Increased patient engagement & compliance

How Does It Work?

  Pop. Health Diagram (Horiz).png

Reduce Admissions & Maximize Quality with Actionable Data


Reduce admissions

via home respiratory protocols



Understand specific metrics within your patient population

Patient Metrics.png


Standardize Protocols and Measure Provider Quality

Mockup 9.png
Mockup 9.png

Encore contracts with Payors to manage their chronic respiratory disease members using our Nexus program. Encore’s network of home-based respiratory therapists incorporate Encore’s Nexus software respiratory care protocols & vitality monitoring technologies. Nexus’ proven outcomes lower member utilization, establish quality metrics, align the care management team into workflows and improve Member satisfaction.

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