Respiratory Population Health

Convert Data to Dollars in the Home Respiratory Services Market

Whether your business is well established in the home respiratory services market or you’re just starting out, there’s opportunity to capture new revenue. But, you’ll need to think a little differently about the data you collect, and you’ll need a strategy. Encore Healthcare’s Nexus post-acute respiratory health population software offers a strategy to contract with payers and hospital systems. Our expertise drives over 30 percent reduction in annual hospitalizations for payers and enables additional hospital system revenues, including market share growth, in the over $1 billion – virtually unmanaged – home respiratory services market.

Assessments Lead to Results

Nexus incorporates a series of clinical assessments, which are then consolidated into a goal-based plan of care. This drives patient functional improvement and outstanding outcomes. These outcomes reduce readmissions and monitor the patient to assist in physician follow-up and hospital outpatient services.


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