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Encore Healthcare Offers 'First Step' to Outcomes-Based Model

February 2, 2021/HME News

LIVINGSTON, Tenn. – Encore Healthcare has released the third version of its Nexus platform. The company, a vendor partner of VGM & Associates, says Version 3.0 makes it easy to tailor the software into a program to meet the growth, clinical and compliance goals of respiratory HME providers at any level. “With the launch of V3, Encore is releasing a Nexus solution for companies who are not ready for the full clinically enhanced disease management platform but want to take the first step into an outcome-based model,” a press release states.

Encore says Nexus is being used nationwide on more than 9,000 patients and for 260,000 clinical assessments. Using the platform, HME providers have been able to grow year over year complex respiratory referral growth more than 25%, extend average months on service for their base populations by two months and reduce readmissions by more than 60%.


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