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Encore Healthcare Announces Staggering Results in New Nexus TeleRespiratory Care Pilot

June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Encore Healthcare announces staggering results from their new oxygen and nebulizer management Nexus TeleRespiratory Care model. Encore has used its over 20 million data points from chronic respiratory failure patients on home ventilation to build a predictive model that allows Home Medical Equipment (HME) providers to identify when patients need services before they end up in the hospital multiple times. In the initial pilot with a national HME provider Encore identified 12.5% of patients on oxygen/nebulizers needed additional services including medications, NIV and High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO).

"During 2020 and the height of COVID-19 we set out to create a new model that allowed us to improve outcomes for oxygen and nebulizer patients while helping the provider identify risk using predictive modeling," said Zach Gantt, RRT, CEO of Encore Healthcare. "The result was a model that manages symptoms, tracks progression of disease, reduces readmissions, and identifies when patients need medications, oxygen, NIV and HFCWO before the patient is severely compromised."

These results are an example of how data can drive better patient outcomes and revenue to HME providers at the same time.

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