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Nexus Software

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NEXUS: An Outcome-Focused Respiratory Management Program That's Elevating Respiratory Care in the Home Medical Equipment Industry.


Better patient data. Smarter reporting. More referrals.

NEXUS represents a fundamental shift in home respiratory care.

Where traditional HME methodology has focused on monitoring the relationship between equipment and patient, Nexus introduces proven clinical protocols that dramatically improve both engagement and outcomes — all in a complete, scalable platform that grows with your needs. We’ve taken our direct experience in the HME segment, combined it with proven, outcome-based protocols, and applied gold standard clinical guidelines. 


All to create a disease management platform that:

The result for you?

Actionable data, goal-based outcomes, and more physician referrals.

  • Manages symptoms

  • Reduces hospitalizations

  • Creates long-term engagement between patient, program, and providers.

  • Improves patient care and progress


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This platform isn't just about programs.

It's about people.

Instead of simply monitoring dynamics around the equipment, Nexus introduces clinical protocols that directly address the needs of the patient — creating dialogues, boosting engagement, measuring progress, and arriving at a Plan of Care.


And all in the same block of time your therapists are already spending in the home.

It’s a holistic approach that not only manages the patient’s true needs...

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NEXUS also:

  • Documents all metrics

  • Manages and electronically documents equipment status

  • Compiles clinical assessments

  • Provides clear data visualization

  • Creates goal-based activities focused on improvement

  • Creates individual, analytical physician reports

  • Outlines Plan of Care goals

  • Offers alert prompts when problems arise

  • Encourages physician collaboration throughout the program

Start here. Go anywhere.

NEXUS is a flexible program with a range of fully customizable configurations – so you can choose the elements that best fit your needs. Best of all, you can bring any and all elements together to create a program that fits your unique needs.

The Future of Post-Acute Respiratory Care.

NEXUS is a scalable, clinically-oriented, and outcome-focused respiratory management software that transforms how HMEs manage their ventilator and respiratory populations.

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By allowing HMEs to continually assess patient progress, intervene with clinical protocols, instruct and improve patient self-management, and apply powerful analytics to report on population health management goals, it moves beyond traditional HME methods – resulting in higher engagement, better outcomes, and more referrals.

See for yourself how NEXUS can transform how you – and your patients – think of in-home respiratory care.

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