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Encore Respiratory Services

"Linda was admitted to our facility with pneumonia and acute respiratory failure due to Covid 19. She was admitted on 4 liters of supplemental oxygen full time. She was very lethargic and depressed. She arrived feeling defeated and had no confidence in herself due to her sudden illness.

We began respiratory therapy with Linda and started her on percussion vest therapy, as well as other available therapies that are offered at our facility. We began weaning her off her oxygen, as she had never depended on supplemental oxygen before. She was fearful of losing her "security blanket" she had grown accustomed to after being through the trauma of Covid 19. She lacked the confidence that her lungs were healing and slowly beginning to work on their own again. With daily talks from her therapist, various therapy treatments and weaning trails, she was able to be weaned off supplemental oxygen completely. Linda is now returning home with normal lung function and a whole new positive outlook on life."


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