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Encore Featured on January Cover of HME News

January 12, 2022

Encore at NEXUS of therapy by Liz Beaulieu

Among the key takeaways from the studies: NEXUS can reduce hospital

admissions by about 60% and it can improve medication management by about


“We’re at a tipping point,” said Zach Gantt, CEO of Encore Healthcare. “We have

enough market penetration now to recognize that tracking outcomes is the way

to manage patients in the DME space.”

NEXUS provides a platform for providers to not only monitor equipment but

also assess patient progress, intervene with clinical protocols, instruct and

improve self-management, and apply analytics to report outcomes.

To date, Encore has had the most traction with providers serving patients on vents, including AdaptHealth, but it’s now seeing more and more providers leverage NEXUS for patients on nebulizers and oxygen therapy.

“The industry is shifting back to a respiratory focus, so while we started with a small subset of providers focusing on vents, we now have nebulizer and oxygen programs and so many more vent programs,” Gantt said. “The sky is the limit.”

For Gantt, who grew up in the industry fixing oxygen concentrators at 12 and making deliveries at 16, helping providers generate outcomes and use them to not only improve patient care but also snag exclusive contracts and partnerships is a game changer.

“Our passion and what really drives us is knowing providers can be more than they are,” he said. “We’re part of the solution that’s allowing them to be more of a player in value-based models.”


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