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For Home Medical Equipment Providers

Encore Nexus is a family of cloud-based software enabling HMEs of any size to develop new strategies for diversifying their business and growing revenue. Nexus Home allows HMEs to increase referrals and participate in value-based care contracts, while Nexus Subacute allows HMEs to create profitable new lines of business managing respiratory patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities by partnering with hospitals and SNF operators.


For Skilled Nursing Facilities

Encore offers three clinical management services for the SNF—Pulmonary Independence Center, Rebound Prevention Program, and Ventilator Unit Management—that increase census and decrease readmissions by providing better care to respiratory patients at different levels of acuity. Encore also offers comprehensive equipment rental and maintenance services.


For Health Plans & Integrated Delivery Networks

For health plans and IDNs, Encore offers a Population Health Management solution that reduces admissions and readmissions by managing patients across the care continuum, from transitional and subacute, to postacute environments, with the help of Encore’s network of Nexus partners.


Seminars & CEU Events

For Respiratory & Sleep Professionals. Encore offers educational and professional development seminars with opportunities for networking and obtaining CEUs.


Travel oxygen Made Easy

Travelox by Encore helps HMEs, Case Managers, and Physicians, meet the portable oxygen requirements of any passenger transport service.


Encore Consulting helps HMEs, Home Health Agencies, Manufacturers, Hospitals, and Health Systems, meet their strategic goals.

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