Hospitals & Health Systems

We partner with small and large hospitals or systems to reduce reamissions to single digits by developing & managing post acute care providers who are offering the highest quality to your patients and implementing our proven protocols. 

Nations leading experts

OUR team has 45+ publications in top Respiratory care, pulmonary medicine & cardiopulmonary rehab journals in the Us & abroad 

Health Plans & IDN

Our innovative and patient centric approach to Population Health yields 2-300% return on investment while improving quality of life for member. 

Encore's Principles have developed a multitude of programs in the Pulmonary Population Health space showing 70+% reductions in admissions and readmissions, 60% reductions in length of stay and were recognized as a Center of Excellence two years in a row by the American College of Chest Physicians

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Long Term Care Facilities

We provide solutions for small and large facilities to meet all your needs. From equipment, biomed and supplies to readmission programs and complex respiratory units for inpatient pulmonary rehab and/or ventilator units. 

Manufacturers & 
Home Care Providers

We provide a wide range of solutions technology and consulting services to manufacturers and homecare providers.